Specialist Facilities

At Trimax Technologies, we believe in providing an environment that not only trains but also inspires. Our facilities are more than just a training ground; they are the foundation upon which skills are honed, strategies are devised, and the future of your expertise is shaped.

Specialised Training and Classroom Facilities

At the heart of Trimax Technologies is our dedicated teaching facility, designed to promote learning and development. Our classroom is the perfect setting for theoretical training sessions where knowledge transforms into understanding and skills under the guidance of our expert trainers.

Training Office

Extensive Practical Training Area

Beyond theories and discussions lies our expansive practical training area. This space is meticulously designed to ensure our trainees are prepared for any situation they might encounter in the field. A unique feature of our facilities is the dedicated radiography area.

This specialised zone is outfitted with advanced radiographic equipment, providing a hands-on environment to hone the crucial skills of radiography. Trainees can operate X-ray systems using provided targets, practice and master the intricacies of X-ray interpretation and understand safe working practices.

Training Area

Advanced Engineering Workshops

Our facilities boast state-of-the-art workshops for engineering activities. These workshops are equipped with advanced analysis equipment and the latest tools and technologies, allowing for in-depth training and equipment maintenance – ensuring the highest level of reliability.

Trimax Training

Comprehensive Amenities for Comfort and Convenience

Understanding the intensity of our training programs, we've ensured that comfort and convenience are not overlooked. Our facilities include:

  • Two Fully-Equipped Kitchens: Equipped with all of the essentials to cater for our trainees dietary requirements.
  • Shower and changing Facilities: To refresh and rejuvenate after intense training sessions.
  • Gym Facilities: Cardio and free weights equipment catering to the physical fitness needs of our trainees and staff.
  • Comfortable Environment: Ensuring a restful environment for our trainees.
Trimax Break Room

Professional Environment for Strategy and Planning

The strategic heart of Trimax Technologies is our boardroom and office space. Here, the future of cutting-edge technology is discussed and developed. Our boardroom is designed to facilitate productive meetings and strategy sessions, equipped with the latest in communication technology.

Trimax Boardroom

Experience the Trimax Technologies Advantage

We invite you to explore our facilities and discover the Trimax Technologies difference. Contact us to schedule a visit or learn more about our programmes and offerings.

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