Copper Filter Set/holders

The versatile solution to X-ray filtering

Trimax copper filter sets 01

Removes lower energies from the output of the Golden Engineering generators to increase radiograph image quality.

Made from grade C103 copper (99.3% copper and 0.7% phosphorous), the filters have excellent filtering properties due to their high copper content and are highly resistant to tarnishing through oxidisation.

Each filter is designed to an exacting thickness to suit each generator's energy levels and is mounted on the front end of the GE X-Ray generators. The mount is compatible with the XR150, XRS3 and XRS4 GE generators.

Each filter is UV printed with the details of the corresponding GE generator. These are available for the XR150, XRS3 and XRS4.

Copper disk thicknesses:

  • XR150: 0.8mm / 0.0315”
  • XRS3: 1.00mm / 0.04”
  • XRS4: 1.5mm / 0.062”
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