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Digital Biscuit Analysis Tool (DBAT)

Analyses and replicates ID and ID+ digital alarm protocols

Trimax dbat 01

DBAT can be introduced into a system to analyse an ID or ID+ digital signal and interpret the signal. DBAT can continue to replicate the signal, removing any detected biscuits from the system. On screen instructions guide the user through the steps required to deploy the tool.

The DBAT comes as standard with:

1 x DBAT

1 x Quick Reference Guide

1 x Bespoke Pouch

  • Analysis of target system. User indication of target system compatibility
  • Diagnoses and replicates all targets downstream of the deployment point
  • Can be deployed and removed from a target system without detection.
  • Deployment instructions displayed on OLED display.
  • Internal hot-chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Simple 3 button user interface
  • Insulated stackable banana plug connectors to prevent unintended connections
  • A choice of cables in either ultra-flexible silicone or hardwearing PVC
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