Direct Current Meter (DCM)

The only dedicated wire diagnostics multi-meter

Trimax dcm 01

DCM has been designed from the ground up with operator safety in mind. Giving the operator the essential functionality, whilst utilising a simple and intuitive user interface.

The DCM comes as standard with:

1 x DCM

1 x Set of DCM Leads

1 x Quick Reference Guide

1 x Bespoke Pouch

  • Provides the ability to measure DC voltage, DC current and resistance to the resolution and accuracy required to safely complete wire diagnostics tasks.
  • Reduced internal resistances for inline current measurements
  • Probe detection and isolation feature for voltage, current and resistance measurements
  • Full functionality self-test on start-up
  • Internal hot-chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Simple 3-button user interface
Trimax KV SF Desert High Res Cropped