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Resistance Duplication Tool (RDT)

RDT dramatically reduces the complexity of the resistance substitution process.

Trimax rdt 01

Utilising a 4-wire configuration, RDT dramatically reduces the measurements and calculations required by an operator to deploy a resistance substitution tool into a target system.

The RDT comes as standard with:

1 x RDT

1 x Quick Reference Guide

1 x Bespoke Pouch

  • 3 substitution options: Instant, 15 seconds, 60 seconds
  • No resistance drift once deployed
  • Rapid switching times
  • Can be deployed in multiple configurations
  • Powered off during deployment, preserving battery life
  • Self-contained flat-head screwdriver
  • Internal hot-chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Simple 2-button user interface
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