RPM Meter

Improving Drill and Cutting Efficiency with the Milwaukee M12 CDD and M18 BLPD battery drills.

Trimax rpm meter 01

The DRM can be placed over the chuck of a Milwaukee drill and used to monitor the RPM of the chuck as the drill is used. The user can enter the required RPM into the DRM, taken from the supplied drill speed reference guide. The DRM will indicate the measured RPM during use and change the screen background dependent on the value.

  • Green background - Required RPM +/- 10%
  • Red background - >10% over required RPM
  • Amber background - >10% under required RPM
  • Positioned over the chuck of the drill, the DRM measures the RPM and uses visual indication to provide user feedback
  • Tri colour feedback indicates correct, too high and too low speeds.
  • Reduced deterioration of drill bits and general tool wear
  • Extends drill battery life
  • Decreased adverse effects on target material
  • Internal hot-chargeable lithium-ion battery
Trimax KV SF Desert High Res Cropped