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Ultrasonic Analysis Tool (USAT)

Identification, analysis and replication of ultrasonic signals.

Trimax usat 01

USAT is used to inspect for the presence of ultrasonic signals. Once confirmed it can measure and replicate the detected signal. The two transmission probes enable the injection of the replicated signal into a sealed volume. Having two probes working in tandem allows a staged approach to taking over a sealed volume containing ultrasonic signals.

The USAT comes as standard with:

1 x USAT

1 x Ultrasonic Search Probe

1 x Rx Probe

2 x Tx Probes

10 x USAT Probe Mounting Plates

1 x Quick Reference Guide

1 x Bespoke Pouch

  • Ultrasonic measurement search probe for quick deployment for initial inspection.
  • Ultrasonic measurement probe with 1m lead.
  • Two ultrasonic transmission probes with 1m leads to enable staged employment to reduce employment detection.
  • Employment instructions displayed on OLED display.
  • Pre employment tests to check operation of tool and probes.
  • Internal hot-chargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Simple user interface
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