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  • Voltage and Current Probe Attachments Plus (VIPA+)

Voltage and Current Probe Attachments Plus (VIPA+)

Providing complete confidence in connection reliability, by introducing connections hardwired end-to-end, with an extended reach.

Trimax vipa plus 01

VIPA+ has been designed from the ground up to give the operator total confidence when taking voltage and current readings. The lack of threaded connections means the VIPA is ready to go straight from the pouch and connections will not come loose during operation. The linearly driven bed of nails creates a low resistance electrical contact with wire cores through the wire insulation. The VIPA+ has an extra 180mm of shaft length over the VIPA.

  • 180mm of extra shaft length over the VIPA.
  • Hardwired conductor path from bed of nails to connector. No threaded connections.
  • Linearly driven bed of nails to prevent wire shearing
  • Single handed operation
  • Colour-coded pairs
  • Non-conductive body material
  • Shrouded covers used for insulating exposed target wires
  • A choice of cables in either ultra-flexible silicone or hardwearing PVC
Trimax KV SF Desert High Res Cropped